Newborn Bowel Movements

Newborn Bowel Movements

Parents need not overly worry whether their newborns have a bowel movement after each feeding or once a week. However, there are two exceptions: if a newborn's stool is as hard as stones, parents should have a pediatrician examine the baby; if a breastfed newborn has fewer than four bowel movements per day, it may indicate inadequate milk intake, and parents should have the baby's weight checked by a pediatrician. If a newborn's diet is normal, they may have various patterns of bowel movements.

Typically, healthy newborns pass soft, yellowish, and grainy stools, though stool color can vary widely, ranging from light brown to dark green, all of which are considered normal. Stool color that warrants attention is white, which may indicate liver or gallbladder issues; stool that appears red or tarry brown (in the first 1-2 days after birth) may indicate gastric or intestinal bleeding.

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