Developmental Characteristics of Newborn Babies' Movements in the Postpartum Month

01 Basic Movement Development

During the first two weeks after birth, the movements of newborns are very unstable. Their chin may tremble, and their tiny hands may shake. Suddenly moving them or loud noises can easily startle them, possibly leading to crying.

If they appear overly sensitive to stimuli, you can hold them tightly or swaddle them snugly to make them feel more comfortable.

As the baby reaches one month old and their nervous system matures, their muscle control will strengthen, and the trembling and shaking will disappear. Their limb movements will become smoother, resembling the motion of riding a bicycle. When placed on their stomach, they may make crawling movements with their legs and may also slightly prop up their arms.

02 Neck Movement Development

The neck muscles of newborns also develop rapidly, allowing them better control over head movements. While lying on their stomach, they can slightly lift their head and turn it from side to side. However, they are still unable to lift their head up on their own before three months old, so it is important to support their head when holding them.

03 Hand Movement Development

In the first month, newborns can see their hands. However, their finger movements are still limited because most of the time their hands remain tightly clenched. Nevertheless, they can bend their arms and bring their hands to their mouth or raise them to eye level. Although they cannot yet control their hands accurately, they will carefully study them if they come into their line of sight.

Milestones in Motor Development for Infants in the First Month

1.Arms' movements are unstable and prone to trembling.

2.Can bring hands within their line of sight or bring them to their mouth.

3.Can turn their head from one side to the other when lying on their stomach.

4.Head tilts backward when losing support.

5.Hands remain clenched tightly.

6.Exhibits strong reflex behaviors.

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