Play Safety for Babies Aged 4-7 Months

Parents find that using a swing to soothe a crying baby is very effective, especially those swings with a cradle. If you want to use such equipment, check the weight limit or recommended age specified on the equipment. It is best to use a swing that is firmly anchored to the ground rather than one that hangs from a door frame.

Additionally, limit the use of the swing to no more than twice a day, and for no longer than half an hour each time. Although it can calm your baby, it cannot replace your supervision. Always fasten the safety belt when using the swing.

When your baby starts crawling, you should use a baby playpen (also called a portable play yard). Even if your baby is not yet crawling or walking, a playpen can provide a safe place for your baby to lie or sit in rooms without a crib or bassinet. Moreover, ensure that any swing and playpen you purchase are not recalled products.

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