Visual Development of Babies aged 4-7 Months

01 Rapid Visual Development

Have you noticed how intensely your child watches everything he does while striving to master important motor skills? His focused expression when reaching for toys may remind you of a scientist conducting experiments with full concentration. Clearly, good vision plays a crucial role in his early motor and cognitive development, and it's fortunate that his eyes mature at just the right time when needed most.

Although babies can see things from birth, overall visual abilities take several months to mature. It's only now that he can distinguish subtle differences in colors like red, blue, and yellow. If you find he has a preference for red or blue, don't be surprised; many children of this age favor these two colors. As they grow older, many babies prefer more complex patterns and shapes - keep this in mind when selecting picture books or nursery decorations for your child.

By 4 months, a baby's visual range has increased to several meters, and it will continue to expand until around 7 months when his vision will be almost fully mature. At the same time, he also learns to track faster movements with his eyes. In the first few months, if you rolled a ball around the room, he would struggle to coordinate both eyes to track its position, but now he effortlessly follows the trajectory of moving objects. With improved hand-eye coordination, he'll be able to grasp these moving objects in the future.

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