Hand Development in Babies aged 8-12 Months

01 Development of Finger Coordination

While mastering skills like crawling, standing, and walking is undoubtedly the most remarkable progress for a child during these months, it's essential not to overlook the magical things they learn to do with their hands. They will clumsily scrape objects towards themselves and accurately pick things up with their thumb and forefinger or thumb and middle finger. They will use small objects to practice their pinching motion. If you teach them, they may even attempt to snap their fingers. Once they become adept at spreading their fingers, they will eagerly start throwing things. They'll toss items from high chairs or playpens onto the floor and then scream for someone to help them pick it up so they can throw it again. If they throw hard objects like building blocks, it can damage things around the house and be very noisy. Redirecting their interest to softer items, such as balls of various sizes, colors, and textures (including those with beads inside that make noise when rolled), can make your life quieter. A fun game to observe your child's skill development is to roll a ball towards them. Initially, they may just smack it around, but eventually, they'll learn to push it back to you.

02 Fine Finger Coordination

Children explore various objects they encounter. They pick things up, shake them, vigorously pound on them, or pass them back and forth between their hands. They are particularly interested in toys with moving parts like wheels, handles, or hinges. Small holes they can stick their fingers into also fascinate them, and as their skills become more proficient, they'll even try to stuff things into those holes.

Developmental Milestones for Hand Development in Babies aged 8-12 Months:

Can pinch objects.

Can hold two square toys and tap them together.

Can place objects into containers.

Can remove objects from containers.

Can release objects at will.

Can poke objects with their index finger.

Can attempt to imitate scribbling.

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