How to pay attention to children's outdoor safety?

Outdoor Safety Installing door locks, gates, or alarms is crucial to prevent children from approaching pools, driveways, or streets without your knowledge. It's essential to have fences around pools, separating them from the house and other parts of the yard to ensure children cannot access them.

When near streets, parking lots, or even quiet neighborhoods, keep a close hold on your child.

Install fences or barriers around your child's outdoor play area to separate it from streets, pools, or other dangerous areas.

Ensure there is sand, wood chips, or other soft surfaces under outdoor play equipment.

Be especially mindful when backing out of the garage or onto a driveway. Make sure you know where your child is to prevent them from running onto the driveway.

Lock your car when not in use to prevent children from entering it on their own. Even if the engine isn't running, children could shift gears causing the car to move or risk heatstroke from being inside the car.

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