Potential Home Safety Hazards for Babies

Install screens or window guards on all windows to prevent children from pushing them open. Screens alone cannot prevent a child from falling out of a window. Ensure all electrical outlets have safety covers.

If possible, block or cover outlets with furniture or safety covers that cannot be swallowed by children, posing a choking hazard. Lock up all cabinets containing detergents or other hazardous substances. Install ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in necessary areas, typically the kitchen and bathroom, to prevent electric shocks. Keep all electrical cords out of your child’s reach.

Homes with children should not have firearms. The best way to protect children from gun-related injuries is to keep firearms out of homes and communities. If there is a gun in your home, ensure it is unloaded, locked, and the ammunition is stored separately. Keep all medications and wallets out of your child's reach.

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