How to catch up milk for new moms with insufficient lactation?

How to catch up milk for new moms with insufficient lactation?

A lot of hard work to adhere to breastfeeding baby moms, because the amount of milk does not increase rather than decrease, produced self-doubt and self-doubt, but the real milk insufficient mothers are actually very few.

As long as you master the correct breastfeeding methods, most of the mothers can get twice the result with half the effort and realize the success of milk recovery!

01 The first step of milk collection is to start milk in time after delivery

Early contact, early sucking and early milk opening should be carried out within one hour of delivery. Frequent and effective sucking by the baby is the most effective way to promote milk secretion, which can promote the secretion of lactogen by the mother and increase the amount of milk production.

Doing the following before feeding and milking can stimulate the ejection reflex and increase milk production:

  1. Let the mother drink some hot beverages in moderation. Drink some water, milk, moderate amount of chicken soup, fish soup, rib soup can also be, although the mother's secretion of milk needs liquid supplementation, but it is not recommended to consume too much.
  2. Apply hot compresses to the breasts. Hot compresses can draw out 40% more milk, for about 10 minutes, at a temperature that is comfortable for the mother.
  3. Massage the breasts to help the milk ducts open. Adopting the correct breast massage method, together with frequent and effective sucking, can effectively promote the discharge of milk.
  4. When the baby is not with her, the mother can listen to soft music and watch photos/videos of the baby while milking to help milk production.

02 The second step of milk recovery: more sucking

The capacity of the breast to produce more milk than the baby needs is regulated by the baby's suckling.

It is important to breastfeed frequently and exactly as much as the baby needs after delivery so that the breasts receive all the sucking signals from the baby.

Babies need frequent breastfeeding, usually every 2-3 hours, with an average of 8-12 feeds in a 24-hour period, and more for some high-need babies.

When breastfeeding, mothers should try to alternate breastfeeding between both breasts, feeding for about 15 minutes on one side. If you switch sides frequently, your baby may only get the foremilk but not the hindmilk, which in the long run may lead to insufficient fat and calorie shot milk for your baby. After each feeding, the mother needs to check and empty her breasts as much as possible. Night time is the peak time for lactogen secretion, so if you want to be successful in breastfeeding, you should keep on breastfeeding at night.

03 The third step of milk recovery:Balanced diet

Drinking more soup and water can indeed increase the amount of milk to a certain extent, because the largest content of breast milk is water, so the intake of sufficient water, is to help the production of breast milk.

However, it should be noted that breastfeeding mothers should keep a light diet, chicken soup, pig's trotter soup and other soups with too much fat content will not only make mothers gain weight, but also prone to milk blockage.

Finally, I wish every mom can go more and more smoothly on the road of breastfeeding!

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