Hearing Development in 1-3 Month-Old Babies

Seeking Sound Source: Babies at this age will search for the source of a sound.

They naturally prefer to look at human faces over other visual stimuli, and they also prefer human voices over other sounds. Babies can recognize the sounds they hear most frequently and respond to them, associating these sounds with warmth, food, and comfort.

Preference for High-Pitched Tones: Generally, babies prefer sounds with higher pitches. In fact, most adults instinctively realize this and tend to speak to babies in a higher pitch. When speaking to a baby, you might notice yourself raising your pitch, slowing down your speech, exaggerating certain syllables, and widening your eyes and mouth more than usual. This approach can definitely capture the attention of almost all babies and often elicits smiles from them.

Language Awareness: Through listening to you and others speak, babies quickly recognize the importance of language. However, it will be a while before they understand the meanings of words or start repeating them.

Milestone in Hearing Development for the First Month:

Hearing is fully developed.

Can recognize certain sounds.

Will turn their head to look when they hear familiar voices or other sounds.