Toilet training for 1 year old baby

When your child is almost 2 years old, you can start thinking about training him to use the toilet, because some nurseries or kindergartens require children to learn to use the toilet before entering the kindergarten. However, before you start training your child, you need to know that it is easier for your child to learn and learn to use the toilet when he is older. Of course, early training is possible but not required as it may cause unnecessary stress on the child. Your child may not yet have adequate bowel and bladder control and may lack the motor coordination needed to quickly undress before going to the bathroom.

Many children are not ready for potty training until age 2 (boys may be later than girls), but your child may be ready at an earlier age.

Even if the child is not completely ready, you can still prepare a children's toilet for him in advance or install a child's toilet seat on an ordinary toilet, and tell him how to use it in simple language so that he can become familiar with the use process in advance. In addition, pay attention to some words you use at home, such as "pee", "poop", etc., so that the child understands the meaning of these words, and soon the child will be able to tell you after peeing. Although this is not a sign that your child is completely ready to be potty trained, it is a sign that your child is taking their first steps. As your child gets older: You can show him where the poop and urine in his diaper go and allow him to flush the toilet. The more familiar your child is with the process, the less scared and confused he will be when it comes to potty training.