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A Remote Monitoring Solution for Parents and Guardians—Momwilike Baby Monitor

MOMWILIKE is a technology company that aims to use technology to change parenting and reduce the pressure on parents to raise babies. The parenting research team and 7 senior AI artificial intelligence engineers from Luxshare spent 2-year in joint research and development. After 101 processes and thousands of tests, the baby monitor was released on the Amazon store. This new camera isn't just a baby audio monitor, but a good nursing assistant. There are 9-functions designed for parents, such as 360° remote viewing, safety alert, cry detection, sleep tracking & analytics, two-way talk, temperature & humidity monitoring, electronic fence, smile capture, shared members setting, etc. The baby monitor safeguards your privacy and may remotely monitor your baby 24 hours a day to comprehend their real-time activities and prevent the unexpected dangers.

The MOMWILIKE Baby Monitor offers polished and personalized parenting solutions. Comes with cry detection and safety alerts, which means that if the baby cries an alarm will sound on the parent's phone so they can check in on them. And even if their phone is on silent mode, they can still see and hear what's going on, thanks to the two-way audio function. If the camera detects that the baby's face is covered or if they are face down, an alert will be sent to the parent's phone to let them know they are at risk of shortness of breath. Additionally, the device has a sleep tracking feature that doesn't require you to wear a device to monitor your baby's sleep. It also produces a free sleep analysis report that enables you to understand your baby's sleep patterns and make adjustments.

MOMWILIKE Baby Monitor With Camera and Audio is a device designed to make it easy for users to monitor their children, whether they are at home or away. The system allows users to stream real-time 2.5K HD video and audio between the camera and their phones. When the camera is Wi-Fi enabled, the users can view their baby on their smartphone. The HD night vision can see clearly in any lighting condition, and pan-tilt-zoom feature makes it easier for them to know their baby's status more clearly. The monitor allows them to take photos and capture videos of their baby from a phone or tablet and saves them on the app automatically. It also has a microphone, two-way audio, and an alert system that detects an emergency situation. In addition, they can rest easy knowing that their baby's safety is in good hands with this convenient gadget.

A store representative said, "MOMWILIKE Baby Monitor The MOMWILIKE baby monitor can track your baby's cries and send you real-time alert, two-way audio conveys your caring and makes your child feel your companionship at all times. Sleep tracking can track your baby's sleep. 2.5K HD Video with Night Vision, Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom streams directly to your phone. Equipped with 32GB memory card and cloud storage support. Smile Capturing & Multi-Account Sharing detects a baby's smile and captures the moment to keep the beautiful memories for your baby."

“As an engineer, developing a tool to assist in my wife's parenting was the finest way I could think of to demonstrate my love and respect," a engineer from the company said.

In addition, in order to safeguard the security of its monitoring system, MOMWILIKE has adopted a number of security measures, such as offering unbroken computing services with stability of 99.99% and digital security monitoring. A number of technical solutions, including data encryption, identification, channel encryption, and chip security AES256, have been devised to achieve real-time log analysis and intrusion protection. For more information about the MOMWILIKE Baby Monitor, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B2VS5282?ref=myi_title_dp&th=1.

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