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  • 0 - 12 months

    Ensure baby’s safe sleep in crib

    A.I. Covered-Face Alert

    A.I. Cry Detection

  • 0 - 24 months

    Tracking baby's sleep

    Sleep Analytics

    A.I. Virtual Fence

    Built-In Lullabies

  • ~3 years old

    Check in on active baby

    Auto-capture Photo

    24hrs Playback

    A.I. Virtual Fence

  • ~5+ years old

    Keep the whole family close

    Two-way Talk

    Multiple Cameras

    Family Sharing

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    My son and daughter-in-law recently had a baby and when they needed to focus on themselves - like a date night - I volunteered to keep my new grandbaby overnight. Well, of course, my house isn't their house so little one wasn't nearly as comfortable in my baby bed, so I got this monitor for to keep an eye on her without hovering. I loved being able to put the app on my phone since I keep my phone near me wherever I am in the house so I can catch a phone call without running for it. The picture and video are very clear but what I really loved was the first time she was fussy and cried, I heard music playing!
    Also, I was able to send my son the log-in so that mom and dad could check on their little baby via their own phone should they feel "guilty" for being away from their munchkin. Once my new granddaughter is moving around, the fence part of this monitor should come in handy, but for now, she's too little for me to evaluate it. Still, with all that this monitor offers, this is a great one to have!

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    I initially purchased this product because it is more cuter than other baby monitors, and I am glad I did. Everything was very simple to set up (within 5 minutes) and the features are very useful. Virtual fence is definitely something I wanna have since I will be having 2 kids and I cant always watch the little one. I tested it a few times and found that it is sensitive enough to alert you when your child is approaching or has escaped from the crib. The only thing to keep in mind is that you cannot be too close to the monitor when using the speak feature, as this will cause echo.

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