Guide for Grandparents of Newborns

As grandparents, when you lay eyes on a newborn for the first time, you might experience a range of emotions: tenderness, astonishment, excitement, and joy. You may reminisce about the birth of your own children, reflecting on how they have grown and perhaps feeling a sense of pride.

Regardless of your personal circumstances, you should strive to play a positive role in the life of the little baby as much as possible. Research shows that children who receive care from grandparents tend to thrive better both during infancy and later in life. Your love for the child will deeply influence their development. As you spend more time with the child, a lasting bond will form between you, providing invaluable love and guidance. If you live close to your children, according to their arrangements, you can visit them regularly, and encourage them to visit your home (ensuring it is safe for the child). Avoid criticizing your children and giving unsolicited advice; instead, offer them support and respect their views and methods, exercising patience with them. They may have different approaches to parenting, but remember, they are now parents themselves. Of course, when they ask, "What do you think I should do?" be ready to offer advice. You can share your perspectives and methods with them, but do not impose your opinions on them.

It's been a long time since you raised children yourself, and although many things remain the same, much has changed. You should ask your children how you can assist them, such as when they need help, what kind of help they need, and how often they need your assistance. You can perform some basic caregiving tasks, such as changing diapers and feeding the child, but do not take over all the responsibilities. Additionally, you can occasionally help look after the child overnight (and even during certain periods, you may need to look after the child overnight for a whole week) to give your children a break.

As the child grows, you can tell them stories about their father or mother's childhood (sharing family history and instilling family values ​​is crucial in the upbringing of grandchildren). You can also keep some photo albums and other memorabilia to share with the child in the future. You can even create a "family tree" using photos of family members. It's important to cherish special days, spend holidays with the child, attend their birthday parties, and as they grow older, try to attend their soccer games, baseball games, piano recitals, and other activities as much as possible.

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