Basic Growth Patterns of 8-12-Month-Old Babies

01 Newborn Height and Weight

At 8 months old, the weight of a baby boy typically ranges from 8 to 10 kilograms, while baby girls are usually about 220 grams lighter than boys. By the age of 1, the average weight of babies is usually tripled compared to birth, ranging from 71 to 81 centimeters in height.

Don't panic if your child isn't following the standard growth curve but is growing at their own pace. If your child had a smaller size at birth, their growth curve may be below average before the age of 1, but as long as it's trending upwards, there's no need to worry.

02 Head Growth and Development in Newborns

Between 8 to 12 months old, the growth rate of a baby's head circumference slows compared to the first 6 months. The standard head circumference for an 8-month-old is 44.5 centimeters, increasing to 46 centimeters by the age of 1. However, each child's growth rate varies, so it's essential to assess whether they're still developing according to their previous pattern based on their growth curve.

03 Limb Growth and Development in Newborns

When your child first stands up, you might notice that their posture seems peculiar. They may have a protruding belly, a raised buttock, and a forward-leaning back. Although it may seem odd, this posture is entirely normal when babies are just starting to learn to stand and will continue until they gain more confidence in balancing their bodies after the age of 1.

Your baby's feet may also appear somewhat unusual. When lying on their back, their toes may point inward, resembling a pigeon-toed stance. This condition usually disappears by the time they're nearly 24 months old. If it persists, a pediatrician can guide you through some foot or leg exercises to help your child.

At this stage, your baby's feet may seem flat due to the arch being concealed by thick layers of fat. Within 2-3 years, this fat will diminish, and their arches will become more apparent.

Note: When your child takes their wobbly first steps, you might notice a rather peculiar phenomenon - their feet may turn outward. This is because the ligaments around a baby's hip joints are still loose, causing their legs to naturally rotate outward. By 12-18 months old, their ligaments will tighten, and their feet will then point straight ahead.


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